The Best Places to Chill Out on the UNH Campus When it's Nice Out

As the spring starts to come and the temperature starts to rise above freezing, students are starting to study and hang out outside and embrace the fact that they go to school in the forest. Here are a few of my favorite spots to chill out in the sun.

1. The Area Between Philbrook Dining Hall and Williamson Hall and Christensen Hall

This is my number one spot to go to when I want to chill with friends or get homework done outside while it’s nice out. You will always see people setting up hammocks because of all of the trees, or people will be playing soccer or tossing a football. There are a bunch of circular picnic style tables that let you set up shop to do homework.

2. The Dairy Bar

At the Dairy Bar, which is located right next to the train station, there is a bunch of outdoor seating underneath an awning. Here is the perfect place to get homework done because it is relatively quiet (except for every so often when the train comes by) and it is directly next to a place that serves ice cream and other food (but let’s be real the ice cream is the important part). My favorite part about doing work here is that there is seating in the shade and in the sun, so if the sun isn’t your thing but you love the outdoors, this is the perfect place to get work done.

3. College Woods

Usually known for being the spooky place on campus, the College Woods are a great place to set up a hammock and just chill out. Though there is no formal seating, a hammock is a great thing to use here, because once it is set up its a comfy place to hang out and get work done. Plus the scenery here is really great.

4. The Quad in the Valley

The Quad located across from Holloway Commons has less trees than location #1 which makes it the perfect place to throw a ball or play frisbee with your friends. This area also has a couple tables which makes it a nice place to hang out and do homework or chill with friends. It’s also very close to downtown Durham which makes it really accessible to great food options for a study break.

5. The Rec Center Pool

Although it's not open for most of the time classes are in session, the Rec Center Pool is a great place to hang out, even if you don’t want to go for a swim. In addition to the lounge chairs they have if you want to catch up on your tan, they have picnic tables under trees if you want to do work there or just hang out with your friends poolside. No bathing suit necessary.