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The Best Job on Campus!

Broke College students? Stressful classes and schedules? Having trouble managing your studies, social life, student organizations and still hoping to find a job?  One solution to this issue for numerous UNH students is the Survey Center in Huddleston Hall!

The Survey Center employs over 200 students and is always accepting applications. With every student who works there indulging in different activites and schedules they offer shifts from 9 am all day until 12 pm. The enviornment is lively and you can always count on having a couple good laughs each shift. Working at the Survey Center is one of the most rewarding experiences you will experience in a college job. Employees work for different organizations, gathering data and then seeing your data and hard work printed in different publications. The students that work there are Freshman through Seniors and all participate in different things outside of work. I interviewed numerous students to get their opinions on working there and what their favorite experiences have been thus far with the job.

To get some input from other employees who work at the center I asked some co-workers some questions about working there:

How did you hear about the job?

I heard about the job from two of my good friends who had just started working there themselves. They said the Survey Center was hiring and it was a simple application process so I figured I would give it a shot!- Lilly Garofola – Sophomore – Working since October of 2014.



Why do you like to work at the Survey Center?

 “I like to work at the survey center because it’s convenient. It’s right on campus and it fits into my schedule. I also get to work with some of my friends and the pay isn’t too bad either.”- Ian Kelley – Sophomore- Working since September 2014


“I like working at the survey center because I had the chance to meet people in every class at UNH. I also like interviewing residents of NH to see how their opinion differs from mine being a NH resident.”- Erin Geel- Senior- Working since December 2014


Would you recommend the job to others?

“I would definitely recommend the job to others! I was able to pick out my own schedule that worked with my class time and the shifts are only four hours long, still allowing me time to get other things in my day done. Minus the few cranky and crabby respondents you get every once and a while on the phone, it sure does make for a little bit of entertainment.” – Lilly Garofola – Sophomore – Working since October 2014

“Yes, the hours are convenient as you choose them based on your own schedule. You can work mornings, afternoons and nights most days of the week. Also, you only have to work a minimum of 12 hours per week. Overall they try to keep the hours pretty flexible.” -Ian Kelley- Sophomore – Working since September 2014


What is the work environment like?


“The environment changes depending on whose working but overall it’s great and I’ve made a lot of friends and even found my roommate for next year at the survey center.”-  Alessandra Barone- Freshman- working since October 2014


“It’s pretty calm and quiet most of the time. The supervisors are kind and helpful, and there are even a few laughs now and then.” – Amanda Brauer- Junior – Working since October 2014


What’s your favorite memory so far about working at the survey center?

“It’s always nice to have friends that work with you; it makes a long shift go by pretty quickly!”- Amanda Brauer – Junior –Working since October 2014

“My favorite memory would definitely be the time I spoke with an elderly lady and I thought she was joking when she said she’d bring me chocolate. I went to the bathroom and when I came back there was chocolate on my desk and the supervisor thought it was my grandma.” – Alessandra Barone- Freshman- Working since October 2014.

My name is Lydia, I am aged 20 and currently studying Philosophy at Cardiff University. I love University life and am a member of Cardiff's first team for cheer-leading.
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