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Best Friend Cuties Mike ’14 & Tyler ’14

Meet this week’s cuties (yes, ladies- there are TWO of them!) Mike Marinelli and Tyler Weber.  Mike and Tyler met in the second grade and they are still best friends today!  You can find these two playing intramurals or hanging out at Scorps, but unfortunately both of these cuties are taken (sorry ladies!!).  Read on to find out more about Mike and Tyler!



Mike: Bedford, New Hampshire

Tyler: Bedford, New Hampshire

School & Major:

Mike: Paul School, Marketing/International Business and Economics

Tyler: Colsa, Neuroscience and Behavior


Mike: Club Lacrosse, PBG brother, Intramural sports

Tyler: SAE Brother, Research lab, Intramural sports

Where do you live on campus?

Mike: 22 Garrison Ave

Tyler: 22 Garrison Ave

How did you two meet?

Sat together in Mrs. Fullings second grade class and the rest is history


Likes and More:

Favorite Movie:

Mike: Gladiator

Tyler: The Harry Potter Series

Celeb Crush:

Mike: Emily Ratajkowski

Tyler: Hayden Panettiere

Guilty Pleasure:

Mike: The movie Crazy Stupid Love

Tyler: I sometimes listen to select “girly” songs

Scorps or Libbys:

Mike: Scorps

Tyler: Scorps

Biggest pet peeve:

Mike: Bad breath

Tyler: Walking behind someone who stops for no reason

Fun Fact:

Mike: My favorite animal is a Dolphin

Tyler: I like to go cliff jumping into lakes

If you  could describe your life in one song, what would it be and why?

Mike: September by Earth, Wind, and Fire because I think it’s a real upbeat, happy song.

Tyler: Knee Deep by Zac Brown Brown Band because I love the beach and the relaxing lifestyle that the song makes me think about.


UNH Life:

Best Class at UNH:

Mike: Mythology

Tyler: Theatre and Dance

Worst Class at UNH:

Mike: Quantitative decision making

Tyler: Organic Chemistry…by far

HoCo or Philly?

Mike: Stillings

Tyler: Philly

Favorite UNH Memory:

Mike: Red Sox Celebration on main street this year

Tyler: 2012 Post Graduation party at young drive

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Mike: Old PBG porch

Tyler: Scorps deck on a nice day

Favorite UNH Sport:

Mike: UNH Basketball

Tyler: UNH Football

Advice to freshmen?

Mike: Be friendly to everyone and try to meet as many people as you can

Tyler: Make the most of your time here, it goes by fast


Dating Life:

Taken or Single?

Mike: Taken

Tyler: Taken

Ideal Date:

Mike: Seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean

Tyler: Dinner and a movie of her choice

Any funny dating stories?

Mike: Sophomore year of high school I was trying to be romantic and pick up my girlfriend to carry her into the house and I slipped and dropped her on the ice.

Tyler: One time I didn’t realize I left the tickets for a concert at home until I was halfway there.

Deal Breakers:

Mike: If a girl is not witty or has a boring personality

Tyler: If we have nothing in common

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