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Best Discovery Courses at UNH

It’s officially that time in the semester: time to start thinking about which courses you’ll be taking in the spring!

Germs 101, Intro to Psychology and Making Babies: these are the responses you typically get when asking around for an easy discovery course. Here are some lesser-known, but still interesting, discovery courses to consider:


Fine & Performing Arts: THDA 583 Introduction to Puppetry

Yup, this is a real thing. In class, you learn to make different types as puppets and then act out skits with your creations. There are a few quizzes, but the majority of the grades are based on projects and participation. Definitely a nice break from your normal courses. Special fee $21.


Historical Perspective: WS 505 Survey of Women’s Studies

This course offers in depth looks into women’s roles in society. Topics offered this spring: Intro to LGBT+ Studies, Global Sex Industry, Women in Theatre, and Feminist Perspectives in Media.


World Cultures: ANTH 411 Introduction to Anthropology

I took this class last year and absolutely loved it! Everything from family structures to social issues to religion are discussed. Try to get Prof. Withers, her class has a good mix of lecture, discussion and short films with and she gives a lot of extra credit opportunities.


Humanities: PHIL 410 Happiness, Well-Being, and a Good Life

This looks like a great class; who could say no to a biweekly lecture on living your best life? The final paper is a plan on how to incorporate various psychologists’ and philosophers’ ideas into you own life.


Biological Science: ECE 444 Bionics


This course examines how we can utilize power found in nature to create new scientific advancements. It fulfills a lab credit as well as being writing intensive.


Physical Science: GEOG 473 Elements of Weather

This class examines common weather patterns, as well as focusing on specific New England weather phenomenon.  The class only meets 9:10-10 MWF, with no additional lab time.


Environment, Tech, and Society: CS 408 Living in a Networked World



How does living in a world where we are all constantly connected affect our lives? This is the question this class seeks to answer, as well as teaching us how to use all this technology safely and effectively.


Social Science: RMP 490 Recreation and Leisure in Society


This class is all about exploring the things that people have done for fun throughout history, as well as how and why these recreational activities may have shaped lives in the past, and ours today.


Writing Intensive: ENGL 501 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

This may just be the most helpful class offered at UNH. You learn how to write about what you know best, you! Memoirs, resumes, and cover letters are all covered, along with some great reads by contemporary authors.

Jaylyn Eaton is currently a sophomore Marketing major at the University of New Hampshire. A New England girl though and though, she loves going on outdoor adventures, drinking her Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, and cuddling with her dogs by the fire. 
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