Best Coffee Flavors from UNH Specific Coffee Shops

Have you ever found yourself at the front of the line at Coffee Craving or the Shack/Hut/Coffee Station and you just can’t decide what flavor to get? I know, there are just too many to choose from sometimes – I’ve been there too.


So, I asked a few trusted coffee drinkers around campus what their favorite flavors were and where to get them. Hopefully this will help you out the next time you’re being indecisive!


When you’re at the Shack (or the Hut or the Coffee Station – whatever you and your friends call that small red building in Newmarket) these are ‘must-have’ flavors:


Sugar Cookie

It’s a classic! Whether it’s winter and you’re thinking about those holiday cookies you’ll make later or it’s summer and you’re looking for something sweet to sip on this flavor is a fan fav.



…I mean just look at the name again! Why wouldn’t you want to drink this??


Cinnamon Brown Sugar or Cinnamon Hazelnut Brown Sugar

Honestly any coffee flavor with cinnamon is good, but the brown sugar and hazelnut flavors add a little something more to this coffee!


Swiss Mocha Almond

Thankfully Swiss Mocha Almond is always a flavor here because I’m not sure what else my fallback would be!


Winter Wonderland

Seasonal flavors here are to die for mostly because you won’t find them anywhere else!


Chocolate Glazed Donut

Everyone gets donuts WITH their coffee, but how many people get donuts AS their coffee???


And if you want to head the other direction into Lee, you HAVE to try these flavors from Coffee Craving:


Vanilla Crème Brule

Another common theme: vanilla and desserts.


Almond Joy

So many of the classic coffee flavors are either chocolate or nut based, but THIS ONE IS BOTH.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Fruit flavors always freak people out when they’re in coffee, but trust me that these next couple flavors will change your life.


Banana Pancakes

Have you ever heard that Jack Johnson song? It’s essentially that song in coffee form.


Apple Pie

What’s more American than apple pie and coffee? Apple pie coffee.


Peanut Brittle

Last, but not least, peanut brittle has been one of my personal favorites ever since I found these coffee shops and if you try it, it’ll probably be one of yours too.


Whether you’re a UNH student, a prospective UNH student, a Durham townie, or just driving through make sure you try AT LEAST one of these unique flavors (and grab a homemade donut from Coffee Craving as well).