Best Coffee Flavors at Aroma Joe's

The flavors are not overpowering at Aroma Joe's which to me, is a great thing because after all, you're ordering coffee for the coffee.  These are my top five favorites that I totally recommend to any coffee lover out there! 

1. Avalanche (Espresso, White Chocolate, Caramel, Chocolate Milano, Chocolate Milk)

This drink is one that I always get iced becasue it is a light and flavored coffee that makes any day a great day.

2. Coconut Joy (Espresso, Coconut, Chocolate Milk)

For anyone who is nuts about coconut this is the coffee for you.

3. Caramel Way (Espresso, Caramel, Chocolate Milk)

Caramel Way is sure to get you through a long day of studying with a little boost of sugar mixed in!

4. Perfect Cloud (Espresso, Marshmallow, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Whole Milk)

If you're ever feeling low, this iced coffee is the drink that is sure to pick you up and make you feel like you're on cloud nine!

5. Nor'threester (Espresso, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut, Whole Milk)

The fan fave, can never go wrong with this coffee (As long as you like coconut!)