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The Benefits of Going Through Sorority Recruitment Your Sophomore Year

Going into my freshman year of college, joining a sorority had never crossed my mind as something I would want to do. I was already extremely overwhelmed with living away from home in a place where I didn’t know anybody, so throwing myself into Greek life wasn’t exactly on the top of my to-do list. However, after my first year of college, I finally felt settled into college and I decided that joining a sorority was something I was interested in. I’m so happy I went through with that decision – especially as a sophomore. Here’s a few benefits of going through sorority recruitment your sophomore year:

1. You’re already comfortable on campus

Going through sorority recruitment as a sophomore gives you the advantage of knowing the campus very well and being positive that you’re here to stay. The sorority girls you meet during recruitment will love knowing that you’ve thought it over and are fully ready to commit to being in their sorority.

2. It’s a great way to get more involved

Joining a sorority as a sophomore is a fantastic way to get more involved on campus than you already are. If you’re in other clubs or organizations, this will look impressive to the sorority girls you meet during recruitment. It will show that you enjoy being involved and have multiple interests.

3. You’ve heard all the tea about the different sororities

During your freshman year, you’ll hear a LOT of gossip about the different sororities and fraternities at your college. Some things are true, some things aren’t. Either way, when you go through recruitment as a sophomore, you’ll have that background knowledge under your belt about each house you visit instead of going in completely blind.

4. New friends and lifelong sisters!!!

You most likely already made friends during your freshman year so going through recruitment as a sophomore will definitely be easier since you have people to fall back on. You might even have friends who are already in sororities or fraternities who can help you as you go through the process! However, nothing will compare to the bonds you form with your sorority sisters in whatever house you run home to on Bid Day. The friendships made in sororities are as long-lasting and real as it gets!

5. So many sophomores go through it too

I was honestly surprised by this one. I thought for sure that I was going to be one of the only sophomores going through sorority recruitment, but it turns out that a majority of the other girls were sophomores too; it’s not uncommon at all! There are so many girls in the exact same position as you. You won’t feel alone and in the end, you’ll be glad you went through the process!

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