The Beginner’s Guide to Nursing School

Congratulations! You were accepted into one of THE hardest majors to get into around the country. You should be very proud of yourself! It was just a few short years ago I was preparing to embark on my journey of college as a freshman nursing student. While you may be thinking “I’ve got this!," there are some secrets I need to let you in on so you can be the best nurse at the end of all the craziness. 

My first tip is to get organized now. Do it before it’s too late and you’re scrambling at the last minute to turn things in or forget due dates. There will be lots of things thrown at you all at once and you’re expected to get it all done even when it seems impossible. The more you prepare yourself now, the better off you’ll be in two years when you’re studying for your first Med-Surg exam.

My second tip is to practice good study habits! Remember in high school when you could study the night before and get an A on your test? Hate to break it to you, but those days are over. It’s nearly impossible to cram for a big test the night before and do well. I mean, it may happen, but quite frankly, you’re just very lucky (or just very smart and I am jealous).

Third, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your professors know that this content is hard and they’re there to help you! Plus, the more you get to know them, they may just give you a few extra points at the end of the semester. ;)

Another random tip would be to get all of your prerequisites and discoveries out of the way while you still have the time. It also helps if you can transfer in credits! The further you go through school, the less time you’ll have for non-nursing classes. Our schedules are also very hard so it may be nice to not have to worry about other classes outside of the major.

Lastly, HAVE FUN. This is undoubtedly the best four years of your life so make it count! Make stupid (but not too stupid) decisions, go out with your friends on the weekend, do whatever makes you happy! You also have to promise me one thing: you will make time for self-care. Nursing is tough so you have to make sure to focus on your health, physically and mentally, or you will become too stressed out.

While I hope I didn’t make you too stressed out, following these tips will help you out immensely. Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers and I hope you get to love it just as much as I do.