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I recently went through a tragedy that most of you girls can probably relate to: my favorite blush broke! We all know how this feels. It crumbles everywhere when you try to use it and makes a huge mess. I was contemplating shelling out another thirty dollars for a new one, but remembered an awesome and quick way to fix it. Here, I’ll share with you girls how I did it.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need your broken makeup (this can be done on any pressed powder makeup), a container of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, some paper to cover your table surface to reduce the mess, any sort of tool you can use to crush and stir your makeup. You’ll need this in the second step (I used the back of a marker), and any flat object such as a credit card or old gift card.

Step 2: Crush your makeup into fine particles using your chosen tool. You can use a marker or pen like I did, or a plastic knife; anything that will get the job done with minimal mess. This is also when I put my paper down on the table to catch any makeup that spills out. You can use the paper to funnel any lost particles back into your makeup once you’re done with Step 2.

Step 3: Once your makeup is in fine particles, prepare your alcohol by pouring a small amount into the cap of the bottle. Also, put your paper back down because this step gets a bit messy.

Step 4: Slowly pour the capful of alcohol onto your crushed makeup. For the amount of makeup that I had, I used about two capfuls. Be sure to pour the alcohol evenly over your makeup. Do not saturate it in one spot. If there are puddles forming on your makeup, then you have applied too much. You only want enough to just soak through all of the makeup.

Step 5: After your makeup is evenly soaked through with the alcohol, use your same crushing tool or a toothpick to very carefully mix the alcohol throughout. Mix until your makeup is a muddy, even consistency. After this is done, take your credit card or old gift card (or your UNH ID) and use it to press down your makeup until the surface is flat.

Step 6: Allow your newly restored makeup to dry overnight and in the morning enjoy it as if it was new!

I hope that this tutorial will save you girls some money by making your makeup last longer!

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