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Avoiding a Walk of Shame

They’re inevitable, sometimes painful, reminders of last night’s events. Most college experiences are filled with a few walks of shame, if not many. Here are some tips and tricks on avoiding, or making the best of your walk of shame.

1. Refuse to sleep over. Even after doing the deed, you can simply refuse to stay over! You know you’re tired, but is the morning walk worth the embarrassing trip back home? Just say, “I hear my bed calling my name, talk to you soon?” and then slide out the door.

2. Have a friend make sure you go home with her. Before hooking up, remind your friend to get you before she leaves. Even if you’re hooking up, your friend will most likely be banging on the door or calling you, telling you it’s time to go. By leaving with them they can make sure you make it safely to your own, comfy bed.

3. Wait until he falls asleep and then sneak out. This is a meaner suggestion, but sometimes necessary. Although he’s charming and cute, you don’t need to be seen walking across campus in your four-inch glitter-covered Steve Maddens with last night’s smokey eye still on.

4. Set your alarm on your phone for an early time and leave then. If you wake up at six o’clock am on a Sunday, no one else is going to be up that matter. You might as well get a few hours of sleep, wake up early and then slide into your own bed without anyone noticing.

5. Pack extra clothes. When you know you’re planning on ending up with a steady hook-up or a boyfriend, you might as well pack some clothes for the next day. For example; yoga pants, flats, and a t-shirt. An extra hair tie is always a smart move too. If you don’t have any makeup remover, some toilet paper and water should do the trick!

6. Have an idea of when parent’s weekends, football games, Greek life recruitments, and campus tours are. These are all times when people are up early and keeping an eye out for walk of shame-rs. There is absolutely nothing worse than wearing last night’s outfit past a bunch of incoming freshmen and their parents.

7. Get a friend to give you a ride. Wake up semi-early and text/call a friend who has a car and is willing to pick you up and bring you home. This saves you from doing the actual walk of shame and gives your time to dish about your night with your friend.

But let’s be honest, the best way to avoid a walk of shame is to not hook up with anyone! Have a girl’s night instead and have a big sleepover at the end of the night. Order dominos, drunkenly sing some t-swift, and just dish about all the hot guys at the party. Make them work for it ladies! Then, maybe someday that hook-up can turn into the real deal.

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