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Annah Todd

This week’s campus celebrity, the ASOS UNH Brand Ambassador, is Annah Todd. Keep reading to find out what ASOS is, along with some interesting details about Annah! 

Also, shoutout to her for bringing ASOS goodies to our last meeting [picture below!]

Name: Annah Todd

School/Year: UNH/2015

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Durham

Activities/Clubs: Student Press Organization’s business manager, a member of the Student Activity Fee Committee, and contributing writer (and last issue’s cover model!) for Main Street magazine.

You are an ASOS representative for UNH, tell us what ASOS is.

ASOS (which stands for “As Seen On Screen” because they have a great search option which allows you to figure out what your favorite celebrities were wearing) is one of the UK’s largest e-commerce clothing stores. It has mens and women’s clothing and boasts over 65,000 different brands that fit all budget and styles.

What are your responsibilities as an ASOS rep?

I spread the word about ASOS! It’s an awesome company that is trying to gain more attention in the US.

How can we help you in being successful?

Check out ASOS.com! They have everything you could possibly ever dream up, plus more. And don’t worry, the search on their site is fantastic.

How can we get involved with ASOS ourselves?

Ask me about coupons or free swag! I have tons!

Yes, she does! Here’s a picture of all the swag she brought to us at our most recent metting.

What else do you do in the fashion industry?

I take my Instagram account, @annah_todd, very seriously… haha (no, but I really do). I also have a blog, www.12345things.com. I model, not much during the school year, but I was the window display for a clothing company based in Portsmouth called Navelte (navelteclothing.com). Oh, and I recently co-founded a jewelry company that I can’t really tell you much about because I’m in the process of interviewing with investors. So, stay tuned for more about that.

Give us one fun fact about you!

I just got a kitten! (see below)

Lastly, if you could pick next week’s campus celebrity, who would it be and why?

My super-cute little brother, Emmet Todd. 

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