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Andrea Batchelder

Here is our FIRST University of New Hampshire Female Campus Cutie!! Her name is Andrea Batchelder and a senior here in our lovely Durham Campus. Her major is Medical Laboratory Science and lives nearby in Stratham. Two weekends ago for Halloween, Andrea won the costume contest at Scorps, so keep reading below to see what other creative costumes she came up with.

What were you two weekends ago for Halloween?: For Halloween this weekend I was Dr. Evil from Austin Powers on Thursday, Mr. Clean on Friday, and a Zombie on Saturday. My favorite costume was Dr. Evil because Austin Powers is one of my favorite comedy movies. I figured I'm hopefully only going to be bald for a short time of my life, I may as well do something ridiculous that would make people laugh.


Movie: Forrest Gump

TV Show: Jeopardy

Color: Green

Food: Chicken Enchiladas

Hobby: Playing basketball

Now that its Holiday season, what is your favorite Holiday?: My favorite holiday is Christmas. My family is the most important thing to me. It is the one day where we all focus on one another and how blessed we are to have each other. We have had a family tradition ever since I was born, we would go to my grandparents for dinner on Christmas Eve, go to church, then go home and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" before bed. My brother and I would wake up at six in the morning, start the coffee for my parents and then light the fire place before we blasted the same Christmas CD, that began with Frosty the Snowman, all throughout the house. Then we would all sit by the Christmas tree and open gifts one at a time starting youngest to oldest.

UNH Life:

Best Place on UNH Campus: Basketball Courts at the Whit

Favorite place off campus: My house

Favorite Class: Hematology

Worst Class: Immunology/Serology

Favorite Place to Study: Dimond Library

Favorite Coffee Beverage: Mocha Latte

Best Place to get Coffee: Higher Grounds by Demeritt

You recently just finished with your chemotherapy treatments, can you tell us a little about what you've taken from this experience?:

When I started having issues with cramping and pain from running, while at the gym, I was bothered and decided to go and get checked out, I never expected the doctor to say "it's not what we expected but the tumor was positive for ovarian cancer." It was shocking not only because I am only twenty-one years old, but the fact that I was going on a full time internship at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital for the spring semester and it was the first day of summer before my senior year of college. It was reassuring when my oncologist told me that I could still drive, work, and do normal activities after chemotherapy treatments but when he told me I would lose my hair, that's when I broke down. My hair had always been my favorite part about myself, I was always told that I had perfect hair, so it was unfortunate. Although losing my hair seemed like the end of the world, I thought about it and was grateful that I wasn't diagnosed with something worse. Hair grows back, but people don't and I am so glad that my cancer was found early with a good prognosis. I wake up everyday thankful for each day I am given because some people aren't so lucky. That has made me cherish each moment I have, which is why people always notice me laughing, smiling or joking around. There comes a point where the only thing to do is be positive because nothing is going to come of worrying and being negative, besides being unhappy and stressed...what fun is that?

My hair used to be my security blanket, but once hair just starts falling out all around and you can't put it back, you can look at it in two ways: "I'm not coming out of my room" or "Wow, I'm gonna save a lot on hair products." I walk around bald because 1) wigs are itchy as all hell and I'd rather be comfortable, and 2) I want to show people that there are more important things to worry about than how they look.

I love spending time with people, it is what I look forward to the most everyday, and that's not based on how I do my hair, it's how I treat others. I love making other people laugh and have fun. People don't remember what you wear to class or the dining hall, they remember the things that you have said or done for them. It has made me realize that what people think, isn't important what so ever, it's about being happy with yourself and making other people happy too.

I have noticed people are much nicer to me because the fact I am bald, which frustrates me because even though most people aren't bald, doesn't mean they aren't dealing with challenges in their life. I don't deserve to be treated any nicer than any other person. I may need a few more minutes to get up the stairs...but everyone deserves respect, no matter what.

This or That:

Philly or Hoco: Hoco

House party or bar - Depends on the house party and bar

Willy or Chistensen: I lived in Stoke

Instagram or Facebook: Facebook

UNH Football or UNH Hockey: UNH Hockey

BNG or Aromas: BNG

Paul College or Library: Library

If I could pick next weeks Campus Cutie it would be: Andrew O' Barton, he is the funniest guy I know and is one of the most genuine guys I have ever met, he would do anything for anyone.

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