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No, I am not a graduating senior this spring. But also, yes, I did cry yesterday as if I was. 


I am heartbroken for the seniors this year. I think that I feel for this graduating class more than I ever have because I next up in line to experience the same amazing year they did, only for it to also leave me to say goodbye to one of my favorite places.


I had to say goodbye to my three roommates this week, as we all go on to our summer jobs and back to our hometowns where we grew up. The day after the first of us shut their apartment room door and hugged me goodbye, I cried to my boyfriend on the phone. And let me tell you, I did not expect to feel as sad as I did in that moment.


Freshman year, you are so stupid. I was an excited yet homesick girl who, while loved school, was always so ready to be back in her own bed in Connecticut and with her familiar summer routine. Freshman year I assumed my four years would feel like ten and that I had all the time I needed. 


I woke up one day and just like that, my 3rd year at UNH was done. My last final was submitted, my apartment lay empty, and for the first time in three years, I wanted to stay in Durham to drive down Main St. one more time, walk past Thompson hall, and watch the sunset at Wildcat Stadium. 


I found my people at UNH, people I know will be beside me at my wedding, who will know my kids one day, and who have truly changed my life.  At every unexpected corner, UNH brought me someone who I was meant to know, and who was meant to be in my life forever.


Next year, I have everything going for me. I am living with my best friends at college in our little home which we will love every second of. I will miss the craziness of their laughs, the spontaneous coffee trips, and the days where we just reminisce in the night before. I will be sure to hold on to them as tight as I can next year.


There will be one last tailgate, night out till 3:00 A.M, and one last time being truly young and wild. I’m thankful every day I chose UNH to be my home. I got the chance to grow into a different person, one I am proud of and one who is undeniably happy. Here’s to one last year, to all the new memories, and also to saying goodbye to the school that gave me everything.

Hi! I'm Hannah Baxer and I'm an English major at the University of New Hampshire!
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