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Amanda Barba

It is only fitting that the last campus celebrity of the 2014-2015 school year is Amanda Barba! Amanda is taking over Her Campus next year, and she takes on the title Campus Coordinator. To learn more about Amanda, check out the Her Campus exclusive interview below!

Name:  Amanda Barba

Hometown: Scituate, MA

Grade: Junior

Major:  Communication

Activities/Clubs: Student Senate, Her Campus, UNHSocial



When did you start writing for Her Campus?    I started writing for Her Campus the second semester of my sophomore year.


What is your favorite article you have written?      I wrote an ode to the JB, and I have to say it was one of my more sophisticated pieces to date.


When did you find out about being the new Campus Coordinator?     I found out toward the end of last semester. It’s a big job, and there has got to be a lot of transition work to make sure it is successful year to year. I’m very excited to tackle this job on with my awesome co-CC, Annmarie Hamel!



UNH Questions

Where if your favorite place to study (Library, Paul College, Union Court)?    I personally like to go to BNG or just stay in my apartment to study. Not a huge Dimond or Paul fan if we’re being honest here. McConnell is also kind of a hidden gem.


Favorite Dinning Hall (Philly, Hoco, Stillings)?    Hoco for life – sorry to all my friends who eat, breath, sleep Philly!


Favorite Place to get coffee (BNG, aroma joes, the hut, the works, dunks)?     Probably the Hut just because the ride there and waiting in line is an experience.


What is your best memory at UNH so far?     My best memory at UNH so far is a toss up. Either attending UNH Leadership Camp this past January, or the MLK Summit this past February. It’s a toss up, I can’t pick just one. Both taught me so much about myself and brought me to some pretty amazing people. I really encourage everyone to apply to both of these, you’ll learn more about yourself than you think possible.




Random Questions

Do you have any hidden talents?     If rapping along to YouTube lyric videos, than yes. If not, than no.


What was your favorite childhood bedtime story?     I was wicked into Junie B. Jones back in the day.


If you could be cast in any reality show, which one would you pick?    Big Brother – hands down.


What song best describes you?     This is a hard one. I can never decide, so I took a BuzzFeed quiz to tell me and it says my personal theme song is “Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé. I’ll take it. 


If you could vacation in only one U.S. state, which would it be?    Probably, California because the weather is perfect and it’s just a whole different lifestyle over there than here.


If you could hangout with any celebrity who would you pick, and why?    Mindy Kaling hands down, no questions asked.


If you could pick next weeks Campus Celebrity who would you pick?    I would pick my roommates – Ceara Tavares and Mari Tibbets. They are both on the Ballet Company here at UNH and are truly some of the most talented people I know. After both being abroad last semester, they came up ready to keep dancing and have a great semester. I also secretly really want to be a dancer, so I’m a little bias. I also just really love my roomies. Overall though I would pick the Dance Company as a whole because they do not get the recognition they deserve.


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