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To All the Single Ladies


For many graduation is fast approaching but a trip down the aisle may not be. After four years at UNH, I could not be more grateful to have a boyfriend. Unlike some, I was lucky enough to find him back in high school. Truth be told, I don’t think I could have handled the dating scene in college and I’m glad he spared me from that. Seriously, I don’t know how you single ladies do it and I commend you for making it out alive.


First off, let me clarify that not all of the male population here on campus can be categorized under the descriptions below. We ladies have definitely met some genuine, caring guys and many have even been lucky enough to sustain lasting relationships with them. However, we all know that they are some “men” who haven’t maintained any relationship with the beautiful ladies of UNH because they simply weren’t worthy enough.


Whether its dealing with the  “he said, she said”, the “he hooked up with who?!”, or the “but he only texts me at 2am…”, single ladies here are much braver than the rest of us. I certainly could not put up with the deliberate, sneaky ways of a 20-something year old “man”. The uncertainty that comes with these users and losers is such a turn off.   


Think about it. They leave you after getting what they want. They say they will text you and never do. They pretend not to notice you after making eye contact at the bar. They really, truly are not worthy of you.  I know you have heard it before; “you just haven’t met the one”, but he really is out there. You just have to find him. Until then, I really can’t stand to hear your horror stories anymore. Not because I don’t enjoy the dramatic morning after story, but because I can’t bear to see you suffer through them any longer.


Do you! Who cares about the user that hasn’t talked to you since your drunken flirtatious fling thing last Thursday or the loser that miraculously only shows up when he needs/wants/can’t find anyone else to satisfy that something. You are so much better than that. So much better than the guy that has slept with countless people. So much better than the guy that can’t give you the time of day. So much better than the guy that follows you on every social media but can’t muster a “what’s up” on Main Street. Let this sink in.


Now, go put on your hottest LBD not for the compliments you hope to receive, or the eyes you hope to attract, but for you. Look in the mirror and be confident enough to tell yourself that you don’t need a guy. I mean, if you can change a tire and throw a burger on the grill do you really anyways? Don’t look back and regret being that girl who will drop everything for a scruffy guy in a black v neck or that girl who traipsed across Durham at 1:30am to be kicked out of some hottie with a body’s bed by 2:15am.  You are so much better than that.  Beyonce even made a song about you. 


Be you! Be the confident girl your best friends aspire to be. Be the beautiful girl your roommates can’t help but compliment. Be the caring person that no rando in a bar should ever have the pleasure of knowing. It is okay that you are single. It is okay that you’ve gone through your fair share of losers. It is okay that you are about to brave the real world single and ready to mingle. I promise, women do actually meet their future husbands at work or cocktail hour. Don’t those places just sound classier than a frat basement or run down bar? He is out there and when you meet him you will know. Until then, don’t settle for anything less than butterflies.


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