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AJ ’14

My friend AJ here is a sweetheart and a half. This past Thursday night after our most recent snow storm my car got completely stuck in my parking spot. It was about 10 pm on everyone’s thirstiest evening so everyone I called for help seemed a little pre occupied. When my friend and I got a hold of AJ, without hesitation he was there within minutes! Not to mention he managed to get my car out within 30 seconds. Lifesaver! 


AJ is a Hospitality Major and definitely enjoys a girl who can hold a good conversation without being awkward. His ideal time with a girl is being able to hang with each other’s friends and have a great time. We all know our friends’ opinions on someone are the most important!!

Hometown: Swampscott MA
Relationship status: There's this chick E-Z-E , sweetest girl around
Celebrity Crush? Rachel McAdams
Favorite Movie? Little Rascals
Who should be the next campus cutie? Linda at store 24, my girl.


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