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AJ ’12


This week we’re throwing the spotlight on AJ. He’s a senior here at UNH studying Finance and Management. I’ll cut right to the chase and answer the question I know is on all of your minds. Yes, he’s single. When we asked him if he prefers blondes, brunettes, or red heads, how did he reply? “I’m not prejudice.” A pretty perfect answer. His ideal date would include an entire day of tailgating and raging at a Pats game. So if you can handle that and don’t mind keeping an eye on his valuable belongings (such as wallet and cell phone) you just may have the key to his heart! 

Hometown: Haverhill, MA
Who’s your number one fan?: My dog skip.
What song title best describes you?: Gonna be a Blackout Tonight by The Dropkick Murphys
Most Embarrassing Moment?: I once tried to do a back flip off a porch. Landed on a rusty wheelbarrow and ended up in the hospital with a staff infection in my leg.

(He has a six pack AND knows how to protect himself from UV rays…sigh!) 

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