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Advice on How To Efficiently Pack for Winter Break

Coming from someone who overpacks for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I have had to get over my fear of leaving some articles of clothing behind that I might actually need ... NOT. After many sit down conversations with my mom about what to pack and what to leave behind, I have learned a few helpful tips to not feel as though you need to pack your entire wardrobe for a few months at home. 


1. Think realistically. By this I mean think about what you wear on a day to day basis when you are at school. Do you really make those 5 wardrobe changes you think you will at home? Probably not. So, that being said, just be practical about what you usually wear. 


2. Check what is in your laundry bin. School washers and dryers are stupid expensive, we all know it. So, I’m going to make the assumption that you are saving up all your dirty laundry for your free washer and dryer at home. PSA: those clothes in your laundry bin will also be going home with you, so don’t forget to include them in your clothes count!! 


3. Open your drawers and don’t touch any clothes. Why? Because you theoretically only wear the clothes that are on the top/front section of your drawers. Again, think realistically!! That shirt or pair of sweats that have been sitting at the bottom of your drawer since you moved to school don’t need to come home with you!! Really only pack what you can see when you open your drawer.


4. Clothes don’t have feelings!! As silly as it sounds I am a victim of personifying my clothes. It was how I justified packing all of my clothes for every occasion. “Oh my poor black shirt that I haven’t worn in 3 months will feel so sad if I leave it behind.” No, just no.


5. You know you. You know what clothes you wear on a daily basis. You know which outfits are your favorite. You know what is comfiest. So, pack what you KNOW you will wear not what you THINK you will wear!! 


This is not an easy task and I promise you there will always be those few things you are adamant you will wear but never do. That’s okay. Just don’t forget about laundry machines and remember: if you’ve filled a complete suitcase and have things in your laundry bin, you’ve overpacked!!    


Hope this helps! Happy packing:)

Xx Sara

Hi:) I'm a junior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Administration! Aside from writing for HerCampus, I am usually either doing homework or going to the gym. But, when I have a free second I love hanging out with friends, scrolling through Pinterest, or getting outside and going running or hiking! :)
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