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Coming to college can certainly be nerve-wracking, whether you live an hour away or across the country, college is intimidating for most. Meeting new friends, joining new activities, starting new classes, and moving into a new space can be overwhelming, and trust me, I know. Here’s my advice for incoming freshmen!

1- Get Involved on Campus!

Joining student orgs you’re interested in, trying out for a sports team, or even rushing into greek life can all be great experiences that allow you to make friendships along the way. Most of my friends came from joining this like that so definitely know what you want to get involved in before actually arriving in the fall. For UNH students, check out Wildcat Link to see over 200 student orgs UNH has to offer. Check out Wildcat Link here: https://wildcatlink.unh.edu/ 

2- Don’t Isolate Yourself.

During the first few weeks, meeting all these new people and having similar conversations over and over again can be tiresome and overwhelming. However, try to push through those first few weeks before you find your group. Isolating yourself can seem like the really easy solution during the first few weeks, but trust me, you will wish you stuck it out and created tighter bonds with those you met during the first couple of weeks on campus. 

3- Don’t Visit Home A lot. 

I live an hour away from UNH, so I tend to visit home when I feel overwhelmed or just want to visit with my old friends and family. However, staying on campus as much as possible, especially during your freshman year will allow for closer relationships and a better sense of belonging going into your sophomore, junior, and senior years. 

4- Stay Organized. 

Make sure you find a medium that suits you to keep your schedule laid out. Personally, I use google calendar to keep track of everything and I write my weekly schedule in the notes app on my phone so it’s easily accessible. I also create a homework spreadsheet every semester with all of the homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and other important dates to keep track of due dates and ensure nothing is turned in late or I miss an important day of class. 

5- Pick your Classes Cautiously.

I cannot stress this one enough- know yourself before picking your classes. Personally, I try not to select classes before 10am or after 4pm, as I am not a morning person and I like to have the rest of the day for extracurriculars and socializing time with friends. However, if you are a morning person, take your classes between 8am-1pm. If you’re a night owl, take your classes from 2pm-9pm. Just know yourself and what you will actually want to do when you get to campus. 

The transition to college can be a lot. Just remember that things do get better and getting involved on campus and building new relationships is the best way to speed up the process. Don’t forget to enjoy all that your university has to offer!! Good luck!



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