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When people warned me about how hard college would be, I think they forgot to mention that early wake-up calls are the worst part. The snooze button has been both my best friend and worst enemy since the day I was old enough to set my own alarm. Over the years, I’ve found a few ways to make it a little easier to avoid that snooze button and get going on my day.

Set your intentions

My morning routine always starts the night before. After a long day of academics, one of my favorite ways to unwind is planning the day to come (but maybe that’s just me). My Target planner has been my favorite accessory of 2023. It shows me exactly where I need to be and when which makes the day much less stressful. When filling my agenda, there are three things I take into consideration:

  1. The non-negotiables (classes, work, eating, etc.)
  2. Time to do homework and study
  3. Something to look forward to 

Planning for something I look forward to for the day to come is my favorite part of this routine. It could be going to a cycling class, watching a soccer game or hitting Breaking New Grounds for coffee with my roommate. Nothing makes me more excited to get out of bed than knowing I have somewhere to go that I want to be. Try this at least twice a week, and I promise you’ll feel the difference.

Give yourself a bedtime

Normally, my biggest excuse for sleeping in is that I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. It’s so much easier to give yourself five extra minutes when you’re running on four hours of sleep. The problem is that when five minutes turns into 10, and 10 minutes turns into “I can skip this lecture, right?” you’re setting yourself up for another late night of make-up work. Since being at school, I’ve tried to follow the deadline of 10 p.m. to be showered and in bed. It’s not a foolproof plan, but the mindset definitely gets me moving faster. Whether I spend the next hour finishing an assignment or scrolling through Pinterest, I can take the time to relax and tire myself out for a good night’s rest.

Rise and shine

Literally. Get up, open the blinds and let the light shine in. Natural sunlight is the best energy giver and a great way to wake yourself up. When the months get colder and the mornings get darker, incorporate other forms of soft lighting in your dorm like colored LEDs or a sunset lamp. 

Try to engage in every one of your senses as well. Listen to some morning music (without waking up your roommate, please), turn on a diffuser or grab a quick breakfast bar. These are great ways to gently return yourself to reality before the great day ahead. 

No matter what, some mornings are just hard. It’s never easy to get out from under the covers, especially once the New England winter weather turns your dorm into an icebox.  Know that it’s okay to not want to get out of bed. It’s okay to give yourself those five extra minutes. It’s okay to take the day off. Find peace in knowing that all you can do is your best.

Olivia Gauthier is a member of the Her Campus’s editing team at the University of New Hampshire. She is a first-year Business Marketing major.