9 Moments to Expect When Going Home for the First Time

Being away at college is such an exciting time in your life. You are independent and experiencing tons of amazing new things. But as the semester goes on, you begin to miss the little things about home. How could you not? Going home for the first time is more fun than you ever thought it would be. Here are a few moments to expect when you go back to home sweet home.

1. The day to go home for the first time is finally here and it feels like Christmas morning.

The countdown is over!

2. You don’t leave your parents’ sides.

It's totally acceptable to feel 5 years old again.

3. Reuniting with your dog (or any pet).

Do I really need to explain?

4. Finally sleeping in your own room again.

You'll have a whole new appreciation for your old bedroom.

5. The awkward hug with your sibling(s). 

They don't want to admit that they've missed you. It happens a lot with older brothers, trust me, I know.  

6. Getting to hang out with the BFFs again. 

Truly a magical moment. 

7. The time will fly by. In a blink of an eye you'll have to go back to campus. Totally not fair. 

8. The car ride back to school will not be fun.

Still not fair. 

9. You'll be ready to take on the rest of the semester.

It's amazing what a little break and being with loved ones can do for you.