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8 Annoying Roommate Habits

Coming into college we all had an ideal image of getting along with our roommates, but sometimes its takes more than just a conversation or a couple hangout sessions to get to know an individual.  When you live with a person you are not only learning about their personality, but also their disgusting/annoying habits that makes you wonder, “Why the hell did I want to live with someone like this?”

Here are 8 annoying roommate habits that we have all experienced before: 


1. When the trash is full and no one is willing to volunteer to take it out.  Sometimes the full bag of trash will sit in your kitchen for about 1-2 weeks and still no one will take it out. Also to avoid looking at the eye soring full bag of trash, our roommates might even leave it by the door until someone eventually takes it out. 

2. Whether you are living with one person or more, there are no boundaries for being quiet. Those days where you just want to get a good night of sleep are the days where your roommates, “coincidentally” are being wicked loud and obnoxious. 


3. “Dirty dishes can ruin friendships.” Trying to track down whose dishes is still in the sink is a long process of interrogating each and every roommate.

4.  Chores board does not work! Unfortunately “cleaning” is not in their vocabulary. Even though no matter how hard you try to enforce the chores, there are certain roommates who are perfectly content with living in a dirty environment. 

5. Borrowing things without asking is a common annoying habit we all experience with our roommate. If I didn’t give you the, “okay” to use my things, then no you may not use my items. It’s like people forget the golden rule of asking before using the things that do not belong to them. 

6.   Eating your food. Don’t touch my food, don’t look at my food, and don’t even think about asking for a bite.

7.    Those days where you enjoy being an introvert and wanting to talk to nobody, but your roommate comes in and wants to make a full on conversation


8.  Using the last bit of toilet paper and not refilling it.  Come on now, its common courtesy to refill the toilet paper when it’s empty! 


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