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7 Ways To Beat The Second Semester Blues

Now that syllabus week is over and done, it’s time that we, as college students, admit something to ourselves: spring semester has started, and it’s coming fast.  After over a month off from classes, and being able to sleep until 3PM, it’s no secret that getting back into the swing of second semester can be a tough task.  But have no fear! Her Campus is here to help you buckle down, and have the best semester yet. So,if you’re riding the struggle bus on the way to second semester, (no shame, we all are), then here are 7 ways to get yourself back into the swing of things in order to have a great end to the year!


1. Get A Planner And Calendar

One of the hardest parts of coming back after a long break is having to realize all of the things you now have to do.  You just spent five weeks laying in bed and watching Netflix all day, and now you have readings, quizzes, exams, homework, work, practices, and don’t even mention all of the laundry just piling up on your floor.  All of these tasks get overwhelming, and it’s easy to let one thing (or seven…) fall through the cracks.  Prevent any mishaps by buying a planner and a huge calendar for your room.  At the end of syllabus week, take all of your various syllabi and copy all important assignments and dates into your planner and onto your calendar. Then, add other things to remember, like what books to buy, laundry days, and fun events to get you through the week.  It sounds like a lot of work, but you’ll be thanking yourself later on when you remember to write all three papers that are due on that same day in April.


2.  Rearrange Your Room


Nothing helps you get prepared for a new and exciting semester like a fresh new start.  So, try rearranging your room to help you be more productive.  Maybe face your desk towards your window, so the view helps you feel less awful while doing your Accounting homework, or move your bed closer to your roommate’s for some better late night girl talks.  However you do it, moving around your stuff will prepare you for new changes, and will leave you ready to take on whatever may come your way in these next couple of months!


3. Clean Out Your Closet

All of that “fresh start” stuff doesn’t just apply to your bedroom, but to your closet too! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been hoarding your shorts from the beginning of fall semester only hoping for warm days to come soon enough.  But, the truth is, it’s still February, and there’s still a couple more months of cold left to suffer through.  Those shorts and flip flops are just taking up precious space, and that sweater you haven’t worn in three years but keep for sentimental value, is too.  Clear out your closet and sell your clothes to a consignment shop for some extra dough, or donate it to a local thrift store or non profit.  The extra space and good feeling from helping others will motivate you to kick some serious butt in your classes to keep the good juju going.


4.  Get A Headstart On Your Homework

I know what you’re thinking “Psh, yeah okay, nice try.”, but, honestly, the best way to get into the swing of new classes is to dive right in.  If you know you have a 20 page paper due in April, it will benefit you to start thinking about it now.  Every week, chip away at a new part of the project, like writing one page of your outline, or even just picking a topic.  You’ll be way less stressed in a couple of months if you start this now, and you’ll be thanking yourself when the warm weather comes back and you can actually lay out in the sun without having to bring your laptop with you.  


5. Start A Health Kick

Everyone made that same New Year’s Resolution to get healthy, which went really well…for three days, until you ate a cronut and fell off the exercise bandwagon.  However, don’t let one slip up get you down.  The beginning of the semester is a great time to start a new health kick, as exercising and eating healthy is proven to make you feel better.  You’ll have more energy for classes, your acne will clear, and you’ll have tons of motivation to take on whatever life throws your way.  


6. Find A New Hobby

Sometimes the worst part of starting a new semester is feeling like you’re going back to the same old routine: school, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat.  Mix up your daily schedule and find a new hobby! Join the knitting club, play an intramural, or get into photography.  Whatever it may be, a new hobby will help you break the monotonous lifestyle you fell into last semester.  This change of pace will make you happier, and help you feel like there’s more to this semester than just “Orgo” and “Intro to Accounting”.  


7.  Make a List of Goals

I know it sounds corny, but making a list of goals really does help motivate you to do better.  Even if your list only consists of “Don’t skip more than three classes”, it will remind you to go to class, and will motivate you to learn.  Set up some kind of prize to give yourself when these are accomplished, like a mani-pedi appointment, or a new pair of sunglasses, and you’ll never want to skip class again.  Think of things you could improve upon from last semester, and use those to help you push yourself towards a great semester this time around.  


College is hard enough, but getting back to classes after a long break only makes it worse. Try and beat the second semester blues with any of these tips, and you’ll set yourself up for an amazing end to the year!

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