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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Finding a student organization you love in college can be quite the overwhelming task. At the University of New Hampshire, there are 250+ recognized students orgs, and UNH isn’t even close to the largest campus out there. Thankfully, Her Campus is an easy decision. It’s a community of driven, compassionate women who love to write and empower others. If this isn’t enough to convince you to join your local chapter, here are seven more reasons.

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1. Make New Friends

This is usually the first reason that comes to everyone’s mind, and it’s likely the main reason you’re looking to join a student organization. When you join Her Campus, you’re thrown into a great group of women who also happen to be all looking to make new friends. This group is such a welcoming environment, it won’t take long before you’ve found lifelong frineds!

2. Resumé Builder

Joining a student org is a great addition to any student’s resumé. It shows you have a diverse amount of commitments on your plate and enjoy trying new things. An organization as reputable and widespread as Her Campus is the perfect choice.

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3. Learning to Write

Something I have taken away from Her Campus is the practice in free-writing. Being in this org has taught me how to write better, through the many articles I’ve uploaded and the occasional writing workshops I’ve attended. I’ve been able to practice writing research articles, personal stories, opinion pieces, and much more. I’ve worked on my editing and revision processes as well. This organization have given me great writing skills to carry forward throughout school and my career.  

4. Female Empowerment

Her Campus was created by women for women. This org is centered around female empowerment and camaraderie! Being in this group of amazing girls has shown me how beneficial it is to surround yourself with those you identify with (of course, not all the time – diversity is important). Her Campus has made me realize all of the amazing parts of being a woman; it has made me incredibly proud of who I am and who I identify as. Empowered women can do most anything, and Her Campus celebrates that.

5. Social Activities

A fun part of most student organizations is the social aspect. Her Campus has socials, meeting activities, and creates relationships you can take with you after it ends! Some of my greatest memories with these girls are from our socials: cleaning the local forest of trash, painting pumpkins, decorating Valentine’s Day cookies, and dancing the night away at our Spring Formal. Joining a student organization gives you the opportunity to have great times with great people.

6. Networking & Career Development

Being a part of Her Campus has strengthened my career profile immensely. I still keep in contact with a few people whom I’ve interacted with as a result of Her Campus for networking opportunities. Showing that you can dedicate yourself to something other than school or work is a great way to showcase the diversity of your skill set. You can form connections early with guest speakers, consultants, university employees, etc. – all of which will be very useful to you as your life progresses.

7. Strengthen Your Soft Skills

Lastly, being in Her Campus has improved my soft skills more than I can quantify. I have become a better writer and consequentially, a better speaker. I’m more open to others’ ideas, and I can communicate in groups much more effectively. I’ve grown as a leader, teammate, and woman.

This organization can be the best decision you make in your college career – you just have to give it a shot!!

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Hey! I'm Ariana and I'm a Senior at the University of New Hampshire. I'm a Business Administration: Marketing major, with a minor in Anthropology. This is my fourth year writing for Her Campus, and I held the position of Campus Coordinator (Co-President) my second year! I love the friends I've made in this organization and the opportunities it has provided me. All the love, Ari
This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!