7 Reasons New England is the Place to be in the Fall

New England is the perfect region that experiences all four seasons and Fall is, hands down, the best.

1. The Weather

The air transitions into a cool, crisp feeling which is totally the best when walking to class (AKA you aren’t a sweating mess by the time you get to sit next to the cute boy in your class).


2. The Scenery

Trees are changing into the perfect shades of red, yellow and orange which create the perfect view to brighten up your day on the way to that 8 AM. Did I mention candid pics of you and your besties in all the fallen leaves is totally the best way to rack in those Instagram likes?

3. Dressing in layers

The mornings tend to be cooler than the afternoons, which gives you the perfect excuse to breakout that new vest you’ve been dying to wear. Whether it's wrapping on a scarf or adding the perfect cardigan to your outfit, layering is, hands down, the go to style for fall.

4. Boot Season

You know those super cute booties you bought halfway through summer because you just HAD to have them?? Well now’s the time to break those babies in. Just pair them with skinny jeans to stay casual or add them to your fav long sleeve dress and you’re good to go!

5. Patriots Games

Everyone loves a good tailgate, hanging out with friends and families before heading in to watch some football. What makes this even better in New England? Two words. Tom. Brady. Don’t worry even when he’s not on the field we still have some beautiful faces taking his place while he’s gone. #TB12

6. Seasonal Flavors

You can’t have Fall in New England without a pumpkin spice latte and an apple cider donut to go with it! Whether they come fresh from your local farm store or you stop by Dunkin Donuts, these seasonal flavors are key to making the most of your fall season.

7. Apple Picking and Hay Rides

Nothing beats riding out to an orchard in a hayride to go apple picking in the crisp fall weather. Once you find the perfect apples, taking them home to make some homemade apple crisp or apple pie is the best part!