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7 Items You’ll Forget to Bring to the Beach this Summer

Summer has finally come which means one thing: beach days. Coming from a small beach town by the shore I consider myself to be pretty experienced when it comes to preparation. However, in lieu of the first beach day of the year I quickly learned that I neglected to bring a list of VITAL items to the beach. These items would have made my day significantly more pleasant. Don’t make the same mistake as me and check your beach bag twice before you head out this summer!

1. A hat

Sunglasses and sunscreen don’t always protect again the harsh sun, but a hat covers all the bases. 

2.Extra water (in a cooler)

When you’re sitting under the sun for hours on end, water goes quick. You’ll be thrilled to remember you packed extra water after you sip that final drop. 

3. Chapstick 

Honestly, get a value pack for the summer, as these things disappear like money. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to ignore the fact that your lips are shriveling up like raisins. 

4. A magazine or book 

Even though you’ll probably be in good company, there comes a moment of zen in a beach day when everyone turns quiet and does their own thing. During these minutes of downtime you’ll regret not having a book ready.

5. Face sunscreen 

I don’t know about you but my face is 10x more sensitive to the sun than the rest of my body. I’m always screwed if I don’t have a lotion with a high SPF specifically designed for faces.


My average beach day is around 5 hours long. 5 hours without food can feel like days. Do yourself a favor and pack some treats!

7. Portable Speaker

If there’s one thing to invest in this summer it’s a portable speaker. Unless you’re going for a “chill” day at the beach, background music bumps up the vibes by a million. Ain’t no party like a beach party!

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