6 YouTubers You Should Start Watching

With the exploding popularity of watching “YouTubers,” its easy to spend hours on the site. If you don’t already have a list of your favorite creators, here are some to consider subscribing to. From beauty, art, lifestyle and humor, these YouTubers are creating large followings that you just might want to be a part of. 

  1. Kathleen Lights

This 24 year old beauty/lifestyle guru started her YouTube channel in 2013. Kathleen’s videos include makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, personal vlogs, and much more. Her witty humor and her openness about her life is what makes it refreshing to watch her videos. She has collaborated with popular brands, such as Colourpop, and even has her own nail polish line, KL Polish.

2. Sarah Baska

Sarah is a 20 year old her first became popular on Vine and then on YouTube in 2014. Her videos consist of vlogs, storytimes and skits. Her crude humor and “just a girl with a camera” vibe makes her very different from other YouTubers. You will find yourself relating to some of her crazy stories and laughing at every video. She currently has 1.2 million subscribers.

3. AmandaRachLee

Amanda is a 19 year old from Canada whose channel revolves around art, calligraphy, and organization. Her bullet journaling “Plan With Me” videos have gained her a large audience. If you want fancy handwriting, Amanda’s channel is the one for you. She currently has 661k subscribers.

4. Shane Dawson

Shane might be a familiar name to you if you have been on YouTube for a few years. He gained popularity for his crazy, funny and crude parodies and skits in 2007. His content has changed and Shane has been open about his life and struggles on his channel. His videos revolve around his family, friends, and the adventures he has with them. His hilarious humor and mannerisms will keep you on his channel for hours. He currently has 12 million subscribers.

5. Remi Cruz

Remi started her channel in 2012 while she was in high school. The now 23 year old produces lifestyle, vlogs, DIYs and cooking videos. Followers can follow her everyday life with her daily vlogs which makes her very personable. Her recent weight loss journey has also become a successful addition to her content. She currently has 2.1 million followers.

6. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn has exploded into one of the most popular makeup beauty gurus on YouTube. Her channel started in 2010 when she was an employee at MAC. Now she has collaborated with well-known brands such as, BECCA and Morphe, and his currently working on her own makeup line. Her amazing skills, humorous/ sassy personality and openness on camera has helped her gain her status. She currently has 4.9 million subscribers.