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6 Tips to Make Your Friendsgiving a Success

We all know Thanksgiving is around the corner with Halloween finally passing. Friendsgiving is a time to celebrate friendships, both new and old. Here are a few tips to make sure your Friendsgiving is a success!  

1. Give your friends a heads up.

Giving your friends a reasonable amount of time to prepare for Friendsgiving is a smart move! This will ensure you won’t be stuck sitting around the small coffee table in Becky’s living room and eating takeout from the restaurant down the block. (YIKES!) If you have friends like mine who aren’t the best at cooking, it’s a good idea to give them time to brainstorm.

2. Wear some comfy clothes

Wearing the right clothes on thanksgiving is super important and can really make or break your day. Jeans are definitely not the correct attire unless they have an elastic waste band, they’re out. You need to prepare for all the food that you will be eating, so being comfy is a must!

3.Don’t forget the beverages!

A classic Friendsgiving must have the perfect drinks to accompany the food. My favorite holiday themed ones are featured here. They have all types of drinks from pumpkin martinis to apple ciders. Whatever your holiday craving, they are sure to have it listed!

4. Play some Games!

As you wait for each other to arrive, it’s always a good idea to play some games. They can be whatever you choose, from classic flip cup or pong to playing your favorite board game, there is no wrong idea. For a list of fun thanksgiving themed games check out this website!

5. Don’t forget that post food-coma nap!

After you and your friends have stuffed yourself full, it’s time for the post nap! My friends and I always like to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and doze off. Any movie will do, whatever you and your friends like.


6. Lastly, don’t forget to be thankful!

Having a Friendsgiving means that you are surrounded by all your closest friends. Even if it isn’t the perfect celebration, remember that it’s who you spend it with, rather that what you do. Friends are blessings in disguise and having them around is the best way to celebrate!

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