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Six Things I am Putting on my Christmas List This Year

  1. A blow dryer brush. If you do not have one of these yet, it is definitely a must have. The viral blow dryer brush is by Revlon, but if you want to spend a little bit more T3 also has one that is much sleeker and works a little bit better. 

Revlon Blow Dryer Brush

T3 Blow Dryer Brush

2. Comfy sets are definitely a must have on a Christmas list. They can be either for running errands or just lounging, and are always super cute and cozy. On the pricier side is going to be the SKIMS Cozy Knit Jogger and matching top. In my opinion, the comfort is definitely worth the price. For a more budget friendly option, Target’s in store brand Colsie has a very similar set as well.

SKIMS Jogger and Top

Target Cozy Shorts and Top

3. An Alexa can seem useless to those with Apple Music, because Alexa does not currently support it. However, Apple has recently come out with something called a HomePod Mini, which is similar to Alexa but made for iPhone users. A HomePod right now is one of my favorite Apple products, and I would definitely suggest adding it to your Christmas list this year. 

Apple HomePod

4. Over the summer, I did not go anywhere without my Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. It was perfect for traveling, because all of my important things were at an arm’s reach while traveling throughout the airport. It is also a perfect bag for on the go as well. I love it for running errands and using it as my bag for going to work. It perfectly fits my keys, wallet and sunglasses.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

5. Puffer Jackets seem to be a trend that are not going away anytime soon. It is a great jacket to throw over a sweatshirt, but can also be apart of a nicer outfit to go get dinner as well. Target has a great option that is budget friendly, and I also really like this one from American Eagle as well. It is reversible, so you can wear the sherpa side on the inside or out.

Target Puffer Jacket

AE Reversible Puffer Jacket

6. These pants are viral for a reason. The Aritiza Melina Leather Pant are the best leather pants I have ever tried. They come in over thirty colors, and fit perfectly in all the right places. I think they are definitely worth splurging on.

Melina Leather Pant

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