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6 Surreal Places You Need To Visit

A Few Of The Most Beautiful Places I've Been To


Wayfares Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes (+ Cochella Valey), CA


Have you ever seen 90210 when Naomi plans a wedding for her ex & his fiance? If not, the show takes place in California & the main girl on the show plans a wedding at a glass church on top of a cliff. Last year as my graduation gift, my mom took me to California and we stayed in Newport Beach. Over the five days we went to Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, Newington Beach & Rancho Palos Verdes. On one of our last days, we went the church that Naomi planned the wedding, & fell in love with the place where I’ll be getting married lol ... also make the trip to Cochella Valley (it was pretty windy though).   The Hamptons, New YorkEvery year, my mom, sisters, & I try to take a girls trip, so a few summers my mom took us to East Hampton for a long weekend. My sisters & I love horses (have never been horseback riding though), but we’ve made it a tradition to find somewhere to go horseback riding on our trips. This was our second time ~casually~ horseback riding, and found a place outside of East Hampton. East Hampton Village is so fun to walk around & get lunch or dinner… there’s so much to do there and so fun (but made me really jealous) seeing all the beautiful homes.<--- hi sister   Bar Harbor, Maine This past year, before my sisters & I left for college, my mom took us to Bar Harbor in Maine for a long weekend. If you’ve ever been to Bar Harbor, you’ll know that it’s one of the most touristy places on earth, but it’s so pretty & has the cutest downtown. We hiked up Acadia National Park one day & took a schooner (basically a huge sailboat) around BarHarbor at sunset on our last day. Please go to Bar Harbor with your family/friends over the summer and be touristy lol.


Scottsdale, ArizonaSophomore year in high school I went to Arizona and to this day, it has been one of my favorite trips. We hiked up Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, then went out to Black Canyon City to go horseback riding & ate dinner outside on a few hundred mile long ranch. If you’re looking to go somewhere new & different, I 100% recommend spending the day on Canyon Creek Ranch or Sedona. Probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to so far:)


Park City, Utah

My senior year in high school, when we heard our family friend was getting married in Park City, Utah, we decided we had to make it into a trip! My sisters and I have been skiing since we were three or four, but had never been to ski out in Utah, so we were so excied we had the opportunity to go. The furtherst out west we'd been skiing was Colorado, so we were pretty excited to see how different Park City was. Anddd it was pretty amazing! We got lunch a few times at 9,000 feet up on the mountain and skied one of the most beautiful mountains I've been to. If you ski or snowboard, and ever get the chance to ski out west, do it!! It is so worth it, and so incredible.


Magnolia Farms & Silos, Waco, Texas                              My dad and I got breakfast atEveryone has to know who Joanna and Chip are from Fixer Upper. My dad had a business trip in Austin, & when he invited me to come along, I knew that I needed to go to see Magnolia. Magnolia Table, than went to Magnolia Market and Silos. The avocado toast was amazing & they also had lunch & breakfast all day. My mom and I have been watching Fixer Upper for years, so actually seeing everything in person was so incredible. Everyone needs to visit Magnolia. Even if you have no idea who Chip and Joanna are:) & on our last day, we went to a Wildlife Ranch in San Antonio and hung out with some zebras & giraffes :)




I’m so thankful I get to travel around to different places and see the world with my family. I wouldn’t want to travel anywhere else with anyone else :)



Frankie DiNatale
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