5 YouTubers You Should Check Out (If You Haven't Already)

YouTube has been around for over a decade, and while the website has changed significantly, the entertainment format does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I personally love YouTube for the diverse range of content that is available. It's always fun to discover new YouTubers since there are now millions of channels out there. Here are a few of my favorites that I've discovered in the past couple of years. 

1. Mikaela Long

A former Viner, Mikaela makes a wide range of videos from beauty product reviews to reaction videos to playing the Sims. 

Image result for mikaela long gifFavorite video: "are Refinery29's makeup tutorials bad on purpose?"


2. Danny Gonzalez

Danny actually used to be my favorite Viner, and I discovered his YouTube channel about a year ago. He mainly makes reaction videos. I honestly think that he is the funniest YouTuber ever because his videos never fail to make me laugh. 

Image result for danny gonzalez gifFavorite video: "The Strangest Story On The Internet (w/ Drew Gooden)"


3. Tom Harlock

Another former Viner, he uses dry humor and consistent sarcasm while reacting to cringy Internet trends. 

Image result for tom harlock gifFavorite video: "Vine 2.0: The Auditions"



Possibly one of the most underrated YouTube channels of all time! While I normally don't care much for Internet drama, her humor in her commentary videos is so amazing that I can't help but watch all her videos on YouTuber drama.

Image result for dishwashinglickwid gifFavorite video: "influencers think we're stupid *protect your brain cells*"


5. Tiffany Ferg

While she has had a YouTube channel for quite a long time, I didn't discover her videos until recently. She makes a wide range of videos, but most recently she has made several "Internet Analysis" videos in which she highlights social media's influence on society. These videos are both informative and extremely interesting!

Image result for tiffany ferg gifFavorite video: "The Normalization of Facetune is Problematic"