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These are my current top 5 favorite YouTubers I have been binging! Enjoy xx

1. David Dobrik

If you’re in a sad mood and want a pick-me-up, I 10/10 recommend watching any one of his videos. They will always make you laugh out loud and are very short so you can just binge tons at a time and not get bored. 

2. Tana (Paul) Mongeau

If you want to watch someone else’s insane but messy life, I 10/10 recommend any of her storytime videos. This girl is always on a whole other level. She has no filter and doesn’t care what other people think, but she is very funny and loves to talk about her life and crazy things that are always happening around her. She is “married” to another YouTuber Jake Paul, and their collab videos are somewhat cringey, but worth the watch. 

3. Emma Chamberlain

I have been watching Emma since before her famous days, and she is still one of my favorite YouTubers I’ve ever stumbled upon. Her older videos are more humble and down to earth because she never cared about what people thought about her. I recommend any of her cooking videos because they almost always were a failure but could make you laugh throughout the entirety of the video. 

4. Nicolette Gray

If you’re interested in someone else’s life that’s based around designer everything, I recommend any of her shopping haul videos. Nicolette is known as the Beverly Hills Brat, but her videos are entertaining and her life is a little bit of a mess when it comes to her mom and sister. She has an expensive style and her videos are cool to watch, especially if you’re interested in seeing her California lifestyle, as a 16-year-old. 

5. Hannah Meloche 

If you want to watch wholesome videos about a young girl vlogging her life, I recommend any of Hannah’s. She’s from a small town in Michigan and recently moved to a city nearby by herself. All of her videos are entertaining in their own ways and she loves expressing her style and personalities through different vlogs with her friends and family.



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