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5 Ways To Deal With A Long Distance Relationship

Being in a relationship always has its ups and downs, but being in a long distance relationship is especially difficult. I’ve been with my boyfriend for close to three years, and we always lived far away from each other. Now in college, we are further and get the chance to see each other even less. But there are definitely ways to still grow in the relationship and keep it strong despite being far away and I’m going to share some ways with you!

1. Sending Each Other Gifts

Sending gifts to your partner is something easy and fun. Personally, it makes me feel more connected with my significant other even though we are far apart. Even something as simple as a letter can feel meaningful and special and reconnected. Letting it be a surprise is also fun because it can brighten your or your partner’s day when they get reminded of you.

2. Setting Time To Talk

I know being apart usually means different schedules with work and school. But between your two busy schedules, sometimes setting a time you are both able to Facetime or text and catch each other up is really beneficial. You guys won’t be frustrated with one of you not being able to talk and there will be a set time to get excited for!

3. Sending Pictures Throughout the Day

Recently in my relationship, we send pictures throughout the day to show what we are doing, to let us feel like we are with each other or partly experiencing similar things. It allows your connection to stay strong!  Anything from pictures of meals to you at the gym or library can make you feel like you are closer.

4. Try and Visit Each Other

Depending on distance, this one can be difficult. But saving up to visit each other is definitely worth it, even for a night or a weekend can rekindle chemistry and strengthen the relationship. You can hang out and watch movies or go on a date, it is up to you with what will be more fun after a long time apart. It doesn’t have to be often but once again it is something to look forward to and worth it!

5. Stay Honest and Open

Most importantly, still relaying your emotions and being willing to be vulnerable is key to make a relationship grow and develop even while not being physically together. Be willing to talk about what you need from the relationship while apart such as emotional support or more/less communication.

I hope these help you further enhance your relationship no matter how long the distance is between the two of you! Remember to stay open and try to find a way to connect or find similar things to do to balance out less time together.

Hi everyone, my name is Anna and I'm currently a sophomore at UNH! I'm currently studying English and Psychology. With an interest in editing, I love being part of HC! insta: anna.rk
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