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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Couple on a Budget

As a newly-cuffed hopeless romantic, I have been waiting for this holiday to arrive since our very first kiss. However, seeing as most of us young love birds are also broke college students, we have some limitations towards how we choose to celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re new to this day of love or have gone full circle a few times, here are some very fun, loving adventures you and your significant other will love this Valentine’s Day.


1) Have a candle-lit takeout night

Is there truly a more efficient way of saying ‘I Love You’ than with a mouthful of General Tso’s chicken? I think not, especially when you’re in the comfort of your home, snuggled up in PJ’s and about to snooze once you’re full of good ‘ol GMO’s. 


2) Surprise them with love notes 

Surprises made by the heart are some of the most special ones, especially when they highlight everything you love about your significant other. Give them a surprise to find, something sweet and simple that will surely spread the love. 

3) Cook a meal 

Preparing a home-cooked meal for your significant other is the easiest way to swoon them and show your ever-growing appreciation. If you can’t whip something up from scratch, try to find easy recipes on Pinterest!

4) Bake together 

Yes, we’re still talking food, but only because food is the absolute true language of love, especially sweet treats. Plus, this is one of those holiday’s where you get an excuse to eat bad food, so take that and run with it. 

5) Relax together, it’s your day 

At the end of it all, this is your day as a couple to reminisce on all you have accomplished together and whatever is to come. Relax, and remember to keep on lovin’. 


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