5 Valuable Skills You Gain From Taking Art Classes

Many people don’t realize the valuable skills you gain when you take an art class. They teach you dedication and accountability, as well as critical problem-solving skills. Here’s a list of just a few I’ve personally learned over the course of my art career.

1. Perseverance

It’s very rare that you master a certain artform the first time you try it. You are forced to come up with different ways to make your vision happen. I can’t tell you the amount of times I messed up my sculpture pieces before finally finding out which method worked best. Art classes force you to problem-solve and encourage you to be inventive when creating new pieces of work.

2. Receiving Constructive Feedback

Instead of formal, written exams, art classes have critiques. It’s terrifying having so many people look at your work, especially when you feel so emotionally attached to it. However, these critiques allow you to look at your work with an unbiased view and teach you how to receive constructive criticism so you can then take it and make your work even better.

3. Collaboration

Even though studio art is a very solidary practice, the art world is small and you’re always talking with other artists. Even in some studio classes, you have art pieces that you must make together as a group. You have to work with various types of people and find a way to make your piece flourish.

4. Confidence

Making works of art is a trial and error practice, but there is nothing more satisfying when you finally make something that you’re proud of. Creating art helps kids build confidence within themselves and allows them to see that they can do anything they set their mind to.

5. Non-Verbal Communication

Sometimes it’s hard to put what you’re thinking into words. Art is a platform for you to express yourself. It’s a great practice for young kids to learn as well, as they learn a different way to communicate when they don’t know exactly what to say.

These are just a few skills that you learn, but don’t be fooled, there are many more than just these 5. There are plenty of open studios and workshops you can take too if you are not in an academic setting. I encourage you to pick up a paintbrush, pen, camera, or whatever tool you may like, and explore the world of art. You might be shocked with how you feel or what you learn afterwards.