5 Things You Should Start Doing Everyday for a Better YOU

5 Things You Should Start Doing Every Day for a Better You


Meditating and Mindfulness 

Meditating is a trending mind skill that everyone should try and start practicing. Take a break from your busy life and get comfortable, it only takes a few minutes a day and your poise and outlook will bring you calmer and more relaxed vibes to set you free for the day ahead of you.  Today there are several apps that can lead and teach you how to practice for free! Meditating and mindfulness are useful and incredible skills to begin carrying with you as you grow. 


Starting to read every day leads you into a spiral of benefits; it can prevent depression and memory loss, it boosts your decision-making skills and builds up your vocabulary and imagination.  Reading a few pages in a book for a small chunk of time in your day can change your perspective for the better, and even encourage you to keep reading and trying out different genres.


Make a Workout/ Yoga Schedule

Exercising and staying active everyday boosts your energy and leaves you feeling good and productive. Whether you pop in a yoga class in the morning before work or a lecture, or try out an intense workout class at the end of the day, you will leave feeling refreshed and refueled. It will even make falling asleep at night a little easier. But remember to keep nutrition and diet in balance to keep you feeling good.

Start Using Essential Oils

I would recommend using your favorite essential oil during your nighttime routine as they can induce calmness and get you ready to fall asleep.  They are all natural and can relieve anxiety and stress to relax your mind and thoughts at the end of the day.  Taking care of yourself and your mind is important and simple essential oils can make a difference.

Incorporate Superfoods into your Meals

Whether it's spinach and greens, berries, fish or nuts, try and incorporate them into a snack and meal during the day to keep your metabolism up to par and reduce bloating and grogginess.  Meal planning ahead of time can help you stay on track with these and start making you feel more alive.