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Five Things To Do Before You Graduate

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Senior year is scary as there are so many unknowns coming our way. In a few months, we will be leaving the place we have called home for the past four years, and venturing off to a whole new world. Although there are a multitude of reasons to feel overwhelmed about life after college, there are so many things to enjoy before graduation. Here is a list of 5 things to do before the real world:

  1. Visit your freshman year dorm

There’s nothing like reminiscing on your first year. Look back on how much you’ve grown and the work it’s taken to get where you are now. Be proud of yourself.

  1. Attend school events

One day you will regret not going to the last football game or buying tickets to a play put on by the university’s theater department. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and find events that you have never heard of.

  1. Make friends with that person you “sorta” know

We all have that person we always see around, whether it is in classes or in passing. Say hi! You never know where a connection will take you.

  1. Explore the area around campus

After graduating, you may be in a different town, state or even country. Take some time to enjoy the best there is to offer around you. Explore the outskirts of your college campus.

  1. Thank a professor or mentor that has impacted you

Think of someone that has helped you get through a tough time in your college career. Maybe it’s a professor, a coach, an RA, or even a friend that made a positive impact on you.

I am a Nutrition Major and I love to cook and bake! I love going to the gym and playing hockey or soccer when I can!
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