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5 Things To Know For Your Early 20s

Turning 20 in college is a big deal to most people because it marks the end of your childhood and teenage years. You are seen as an adult and often feel the pressure from your parents and elders to grow up and take on more responsibility. However, your early 20s is one of the most exciting time in your life because it opens so many doors like turning 21, graduating college, moving out, falling in love. Whatever it may be there will be something new and exciting that your early 20s will bring! For the newly 20 year olds, girls about to turn 20, or girls who are well into their 20s, here are some things that we all should know about our early 20s! 

  1. It is ok to fall in and out of love multiple times. This time in your life is one for exploring and meeting many new people, so you will find some that you may date and fall in love with and then you may fall out of love with them and find someone new. This is totally normal because it is about finding the one who makes you happy. Hey as we grew up hearing, we need to kiss a lot of frogs until we can find our prince!
  2. Friendship takes work! In college it is so easy to meet new people and become friends with them, but maintaining the friendship throughout the years is the hard part. Friendship is a two way street so staying friends with someone means that it will take work. Nowadays with twitter, Facebook, texting, snap chatting, email, it is easy to stay in touch with someone as long as you put in the effort!
  3. Failing at something is not the end of the world because it will teach you how to fix your mistakes. As much as not succeeding at something sucks, it will teach you lessons for the future. The only thing that you should never do is give up because success takes hard work! 
  4. Not having it all figured out is most likely going to happen. Throughout college you have your whole life planned out, schedule for classes, schedule for work, plans for the future. But sometimes those plans will seem unlikely and you will have no idea what you are doing. That is totally normal, but if you find something you are passionate about and want in the future you should always strive for it. 
  5. “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for” – Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City.


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