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5 Things I’ve Learned In My First Semester As A Sorority Girl

1. My sisters are my best friends

These friendships are so different to what I had before. These girls are the only people I see now and I’m not upset.

2. I always have someone in my corner

My KD babies are always nearby to fight off all my enemies :)

3. My big is really my mother

When I say I texted her last night because I had a nightmare, I’m completely serious. And then she took me out to breakfast because I had a rough week… the best mom.

4. I don’t know how I ever had clothes before KD

Currently I’m wearing a kappa shirt and sweatshirt and this is after changing out of my other KD sweatshirt this morning. I also picked up another shirt and sweatshirt from the house today. Everything I own now is Kappa Delta. How did I clothe myself before??

5. Belonging somewhere is really important

I never understood how amazing it feels to have people who are always excited to see you. All the time. Like no matter the time of day or day of the week, they’re always there for me. I had friends before, great friends, but these friends are different. Before I had like 5 people I saw on a regular basis… now I have 150!! I love my sisters <3


Hey babes, my name is Sydney and I’m currently a sophomore nursing major! I’m a native of the beach so I’m obsessed with the ocean, but I also love swimming and meeting new people. I’ve been reading HC National since middle school and I’m so pumped to now be writing for UNH’s chapter :)
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