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Everyone gets bored, especially in college (hear me out). It’s inevitable, there’s only about 3-5 hours of class a day and there’s only so much napping you can do. So what should you do to entertain yourself? Keep on scrolling!

1.) Invest in an adult coloring book

For my sixteenth birthday my aunt bought me one of those adult coloring books. It’s only adult because the drawings are more abstract and take concentration. These coloring books are supposed to relieve stress and anxiety, but they’re also pretty occupying. Once you start coloring, it takes a while to finish the picture so there’s a lot of opportunity for relieving boredom and they're oddly fun.


2.) Go to the gym

This isn’t something most of us want to think about doing when we’re bored, but going to the gym is awesome for relieving boredom. First, look at fitness Instagram’s to get you motivated and then look at some of their videos to find what you should do in the gym (some good fitness Instagram’s include @whitneyysimmons, @leanmachine21, @massy.arias). Then download a pump up playlist that fits your music taste (hint: if you’re struggling with music, apple music has a hip-hop workout playlist on their “radio” section). Going to the gym and getting all that energy out is helpful when you’ve been bored all day and is super beneficial when it comes time to go to bed.


3.) Binge watch movies/TV shows

This one’s a given, and everyone is guilty of doing this sometimes (or all the time). But we can all agree a good movie or TV series can make time pass by fast. On our most recent snow day here at UNH, I watched the movie 500 Days of Summer (highly recommend). That was so depressing that I watched a funny movie after and I was occupied for hours. Netflix adds new series and movies monthly, so I highly recommend looking into some of the recently added.


4.) Get ahead on school work

This one’s almost worse than staring at a blank wall for hours, but you’ll thank yourself later. I’m all about getting ahead on your school work, because there comes a day within the same week where you REALLY don’t want to do that assignment or read that chapter, and you put it off. Procrastinating usually results in sloppy work, or not doing the work at all, so when you have the spare time to do it, I recommend doing it. Your future self will thank you.


5.) Treat yourself

By treat yourself, I mean online shop, paint your nails and toes, do a face mask, do your hair and makeup, pluck your eyebrows, shower and shave your legs, do anything that might relax you and make you feel better about yourself. There’s nothing like experimenting with makeup when you have the free time to do so. 


So, my friends, have no fear when you feel unbearably bored, you could take a nap, or just do one (or all) of these things. Happy snow day season!


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