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5 Signs You Are Ready For The Spring Time

March 20th has already come and gone which means the spring weather is in the air right? Well not quite, the wind is still blowing, the skies are still clouding, and at times the snow is still falling. Durham is in some serious need of warmer weather. Here are some signs that you are ready for the spring time:

1. The Curtailed Operations e-mail doesn’t even enthuse you anymore; in fact it makes you cry a little bit knowing that this New England style snow just never seems to end.


2. The spring bathing suit displays have already been put out, and you have purchased about three suits before temperature has even reached 60 degrees.

So you’re stuck wearing your new spring purchases around like this…



3. The thought of having to put a jacket on to go outside could not make you more annoyed.  I mean really, the twenty minute prep time to just go outside is really cutting into everyone’s everyday lives.


4. You have finally broken down and have purchased a tanning package because you are tired of being mistaken for Casper the Friendly Ghost.


5. The smallest glimpse of sun makes you contemplate breaking out the sundresses. 


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