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5 Secrets to Surviving UNH

1. Go to your floor meetings

They may seem like a waste of time but that is the only time your whole floor will ever be together. You never know, you could meet your future BFF. It also gives you a chance to really get to know your RA, which could come in handy later.


2. Don’t go to the dining halls at 5 o’clock

You will learn this one fast. When 5 o’clock rolls around HOCO, Philly and Stillings become insanely packed. You will spend 30 minutes just walking around trying to find a table to fit you and all your friends. The best thing to do is just wait it out until 6:30 and then stuff your face with delicious HOCO cookies.



3. Make sure you give yourself enough time to relax

The first few weeks of coming back to campus can be hectic for anyone. You are getting used to a new class schedule, trying to make your dorm feel like home and trying to make time to see all your friends that you haven’t seen in months. While all of these things are important, it is even more important to make sure to give yourself time to relax whether it is just chilling in your room watching New Girl or taking a walk in College Woods.


4. Make sure you are doing some type of activity

While going out and meeting new friends is part of the college experience, make sure you are still being active after a night out or else the dreaded freshmen 15 will happen to you. I swear. If the UNH gym is too packed for you try going to Wildcat Fitness (located in the Durham Market Place Plaza). They have a student deal of $10.00 a month. UNH is also known for their pristine campus, go outside for a run through campus.



5. Go out of your way to make friends

When you first start it may seem impossible to make friends but you just need to be open to meeting new people. Keep your door open and say hi to people on your floor. Make people feel comfortable around you. You’re not better than anyone else here, everyone is in the same position as you freshmen year, so step out of your comfort zone and make yourself known.


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