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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch This is Us

This is Us premiered on NBC this past fall and America has fallen in love with it. The show has captured viewers everywhere with the heart, emotion and family spirit it brings to the screen. The show follows the Pearson family throughout the years and illustrates pretty perfectly that life is messy but we can lean on one another. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch this is us (some spoilers) 

1. The Emotions  

This is Us is one of the most authentically emotional TV shows I have ever seen. It mixes together moments of happiness, joy, jealousy, grief and so much more. The moments are woven together seamlessly and the voices and behaviors of the characters come across as so honest and raw and it’s honestly just pure magic to witness. 

2. The Flashbacks

I don’t want to give away too much but the premise of the show is the Pearson family moving throughout time. The chance to watch each character in the present day as well as in flashbacks from moments all across their lifespan up until this point as far back as their being infants takes the show to a whole new level. The character development as a result of these flashbacks is remarkable. It’s incredible to see how they’ve grown into the character on the screen before you. Every episode I find myself learning and understanding more about each individual character and why they are who they are. It keeps the show engaging and interesting. 

3. The “big three” 

The three siblings on the show Kate, Randall and Kevin nicknamed the “big three” are a huge part of what makes me love this show so much. Each character is very different and has their own separate relationships, job issues and personal issues going on. However watching the bond that links them throughout the show really captures the family spirit of the Pearsons. Many of my favorite scenes from this is us are moments when all three are together!

4. Quotable 

Another reason to watch this is us is that it truly is just so quotable. It brings so many feelings to the table and does so through quotes that really just pull at your heart strings. Often times the more powerful quotes would stay in my mind throughout the week and remind me to keep things in perspective. Honestly, we’re only in the first season but there are just so many quotes already that are Tumblr, Pinterest and insta worthy. So definitely watch the show and be on the lookout for the quotes that speak to you because I can almost guarantee you’ll find some. 

5. Jack Pearson is everything.

Jack is the patriarch of the Pearson family and so far he is 100000000% my favorite character. I think back on my favorite moments in the show so far and he is in almost all of them. He is an incredible father to Kevin Kate and Randall and watching the impact he has on them just goes to further confirm that he tv’s best dad hands down. Also, the type of love he has for his wife Rebecca is the kind of love everyone wants in their life. He truly sets the bar so high as a character. he does have challenges to overcome and has made his fair share of mistakes. However watching the way he carries himself with such strength, the way he cares and instills confidence in each of his children to be their best selves and the way he loves Rebecca so endlessly makes him by far my absolute favorite part of this is us. My heart will break if his character is taken in a different direction (this has been kind of hinted at) so here’s to holding out hope he remains this close to perfect always. 

I really hope you decide to watch this is us. The story, characters, and emotions are unlike any other show I’ve come across. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the story goes for the Pearson family. 

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