5 Reasons Why Christmas is The Best Holiday

Like every holiday, they only come once a year. Christmas is probably by far the best holiday. There is so many different things to put you into the Christmas spirit. All of the different traditions people have and elements make Christmas one of the best holidays.


1. Christmas Music!!!

Nothing welcomes Christmas time more than Christmas music. There are so many oldies but goodies! What ever Christmas songs you listen to from Santa Baby to Feliz Navidad, Christmas music is sure to put you into the Christmas spirit.


2. Snow

I absolutely LOOVVEEEE snow and there is nothing better than snow during and on Christmas. Snow sets the scene throughout the winter months and if we’re lucky on Christmas. From sledding to making a snow angel snow brings so much joy to all ages.  How could someone not like the snow!



3. Decorating the Christmas Tree

It would not be Christmas without a Christmas tree. Decorating the tree with friends and family while playing Christmas music... What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas? The smell of the Christmas tree is also another big plus to Christmas. The Smell of the fresh pine needles really put you in the season. There are so many fun traditions that people have when it comes to their Christmas tree


4. Presents

While Christmas for some is all about getting presents, it is also about giving. I love giving gifts during Christmas even though it is nice to get gifts because I love seeing the people I care about be so happy when they open and receive their gifts. After all it is the season of giving.                              

5.  Spending time with the people you love

I personally think the on thing I love most about this holiday is that it brings people together. Whether you fly across the globe or just down the street, Christmas is a time spent with friends and family.