5 Places to Visit in Boston

I was born an raised in the best city in the New England, Boston. While I grew up in the city and still live their now, I am a city girl at heart. For those who ever get the chance to visit Beantown I highly recommend you add these places to your list of spots to hit.


1.Fenway Park

If you come to Boston and don’t go to Fenway Park than have you really visited Boston. This is a fun place to visit in the spring in summer with ball games happening it seems like every other day. I definitely recommend a friendly franks if you decide to stick around and watch a game. Oh can I just say, the sunsets at the night games are a 10/10, very instagram worthy.



2. Newbury Street

Newbury Street is a must go to spot!! I repeat A MUST DO. Newbury is filled with various stores and great restaurants that fit everyone's taste. It is one of my favorites places to hop on the T and head too during the summer and warm spring days. If you do end up going I definitely recommend heading to Italy in the Prudential Building “Pru” and enjoy some amazing Italian food.


3. Science Museum

If your visiting Boston and went looking for a museum to go to, well look no further because the Museum of Science is the spot to go. This was my favorite place to go to as a kid and whenever I go now I always look back on the fun memories I had. There are so many different exhibits to go to and even if your not a kid it is still such a fun experience. The electric show is one of my favorite things to do.



4. Cabots


Cabot's Ice Cream is not located in Boston, but just outside in a town called Newtown. This is my FAVORITE ice cream spot to go to anytime of the season. They have insane Ice cream sundaes, my go to it's the Junior Mint Sundae’. For all my ice cream lovers this is a must to do while your in Boston.


5. Faneuil Hall


If your looking to learn some history on Boston, head down to Fanue Hall where there is so much to do including a tour of the Freedom Trail. While there is also a museum nearby, there is also great restaurants inside Quincy Market and different shops nearby.