5 Netflix Movies You Need to Watch Right Now

Here are some movie's I've recently watched on Netflix that are perfect for that binge watching night you didn't know you needed.

To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved

            How would you feel if every boy you ever loved received a letter address to them expressing your deepest feelings towards them? Absolutely terrifying and super cringe worthy to image. Well, Lara Jean finds herself in that exact situation. This one is a no brainer. Have you seen Noah Centineo?? Add this to the top of your list.



            Everyone goes through the mixed feelings of ending high school. There’s the excitement of starting a new chapter but also the nervous feeling of being separated from your friends and family. Four best friends go through this journey during the last two weeks of high school and face some major points in their relationships on the way.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser

            Everyone has been there before when a random number texts you and you have to awkwardly pass along the “Who’s this?” or “I think you have the wrong number”. But has it ever been the hottest jock that everyone is crushing over? Sierra Burgess, a smart but unpopular high schooler, finds herself having the hottest guy at school expressing his love to her through romantic texts. The catch? He mistakenly thinks he’s talking to a gorgeous cheerleader. Need another reason to watch? Noah Centineo of course.


The Kissing Booth

            Crossing that fine line of hooking up or even dating a good friends sibling can be difficult to navigate. Especially if that person is actually your best friend. Elle finds herself sharing a kiss (and falling completely head over heels) with one of the hottest guys at school. He just so happens to be her best friend’s older brother who was totally off limits. How will Elle handle her newly found love without breaking apart a life-long friend ship?


When We First Met

            Imagine being able to go back in time and relive an exact moment over and over again? Well try being the guy who had the perfect night with a girl he had fallen in love with to only get friend zoned at the end of the night. This lovesick guy travels back in time to try to make things work with his friend zoned love.