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5 Motivation Messages for Settling Back Into Classes

Settling back at school and reconnecting with friends is just the beginning of a great start to the new year! However, returning to school-mode is a mini-battle for our beautiful brains. Looking at class objectives for the upcoming months can get a little overwhelming as we try to be proactive in the first couple weeks. All you need are some words of motivation and encouragement! Here are some messages to write on your planner or hang in your room in order to have a successful first week of new classes!

The use of color in the writing and the flower decor gives off a light, happy vibe! Perfect for when you walk out the door and onto campus en route to your first class of the day! If you start the day with this in mind, you’ll be granted with ambitions for a great day!!

This motto gives off the same light, airy vibe with the floral patterns! Think about this as you walk around campus. Then, think about how far you’ve come, the friends you’ve grown to know and love, and what you’ve accomplished so far – plus what you have to look forward to! Soak up the warm, sunny days that September offers and get back in the groove of the new year!

Simple saying, yet super encouraging! Write this down in your planner or in any random page in your notebook. That way, when you turn to it, it’s another reminder to make all the objectives in your classes happen! Get that ish done!!

Ohhh those awful Mondays! But it’s nothing we can’t overcome! Every Monday (or even Sunday night), take a look at your classes and tasks for the week. Prioritize the days ahead with essays, meetings, study time, and homework BUT take mental note of free time as a little (and much deserved!!) break from the grind. 

This is perfect to reiterate if you start to feel overwhelmed. The upcoming assignments and objectives can creep up and cause a little panic. But, if you have a positive and happy mindset, you’ll send off good vibrations, then leading to another day in your beautiful life! Keep this in mind!!

Hi I'm Bri! I'm an English major with a minor in Communication from CT. I've been a Contributing Writer to the Her Campus UNH Chapter since October 2016. For the Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 school year, I was promoted to Senior Editor. The women at HC-UNH are truly amazing, displaying strength and emotion in their writing. I love being a part of the team, and reading many perspectives on music, academics, life, and relationships. 
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