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5 Activities To Do By Yourself This Summer

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Although hanging out with others is great, it is important to spend some time with yourself this summer. Doing things alone will help you relax and boost your confidence to realize it is okay to be alone sometimes! Here are five things you can have fun doing by yourself this summer.

No. 1 Reading a book outside

Nothing hits like reading a good book while enjoying the sunshine. Find a good book and a nice reading spot, and you are all set!

No. 2 Go swimming or kayaking

These are two super fun active things to do this summer. Find a local lake, or other water spot and get out there. Always be sure to be safe with these activities and let someone know where you are going.

No. 3 Go on a solo hike

Another great way to get active this summer. Being alone in the woods or on a trail can be super relaxing and a great way to connect with nature. Also, be sure to be safe with this activity and let someone know where you are going.

No. 4 Take yourself on a shopping trip

Everyone wants to buy new things for the summer, so take yourself on a shopping spree. Get yourself a coffee, new clothes, new makeup or anything else you need.

No. 5 Have a spa night

After a long day in the sun, you need to ensure you’re taking proper care of your body. Take an everything shower and do a face mask. Grab a sweet treat and throw on a movie and you are living the life.

Chloe Faucher is freshman at the University of New Hampshire. She plans to major in Marketing. She loves to read; her favorite genres are romance and thriller. She also love music, whether it's making music, listening to music, or going to concerts. You will also often find her hanging out with friends, playing tennis, going to the gym, and laughing.