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4 Ways To Style Your UNH Tee

With the homecoming game just around the corner use these ideas to make your ordinary UNH t-shirt stand out from the crowd with these simple ways you can cut your UNH t-shirt to make it more game day appropriate!

1.) The classic fringe!
This is probably this simplest ways to change you ordinary UNH t-shirt into a super cute and fun game day shirt. To achieve this look all you have to do is cut thin strips into your t-shirt starting from the bottom hem cutting up as far as you’d like. Once you are finished with that tie the ends of the strips. There you go, you got a fringed out t-shirt! If you want to go another step, before tying off the ends of your strips, string some blue and white beads for even more flair and ‘cats pride.
2.) DIY Racerback
For this look first lay your t-shirt on the ground with your UNH logo facing you. Now cut as much of your crew neck off as you would like. Then cut off the sleeves about an inch away from the hem. Lastly cut the bottom of your shirt off, also about an inch above the hem. Next flip your shirt over and make a narrower racer back by cutting more off of just the back sleeves. Then cut a deep V just into the back of your shirt. Stretch your sleeves so they become thinner. Now with a cute strand of ribbon tie a bow connecting your sleeves together. Personally I love racerbacks, especially with the bow accent you can make this typical “workout” style shirt girly but casual.

3.) From oversized to just the right size
It’s game day, and all your UNH apparel somehow didn’t find its way into your laundry to get cleaned. Now what are you supposed to do? Well I’ll tell you, run to your boyfriend’s apartment, steal on of his (believe me he wont mind) and make it your own! This fitted t-shirt is super easy to make and no one would ever know it came from your boyfriends closet. First turn your shirt inside out and cut off the bottom right above the hem. Next cut along the waist from the bottom of your shirt to right under the sleeves. For a more “girly” fit instead of cutting straight up, curve in at the waist. Now cut small fringes from the bottom of your shirt to the arms and then tie the top and bottom pieces together. Now throw that shirt one with some jeans and your favorite pair of fall boots and you are ready for a fun day of tailgating! For a spunkier look you can do all these steps without ever turning your shirt inside out. That way your knots will be showing.

4.) You Heart UNH
This heart cut t-shirt may take some more work than the others but the outcome is super adorable it will all be worth it. First take a large piece of paper and cut out a heart. Now lay your shirt so your back is facing you and place the heart cutout on the center of your shirt. With fabric chalk trace your hear onto your shirt. Now go ahead and cut out the heart outline. You can either leave it like this or take some fabric glue and glue some colorful ribbon around your heart to make the outline look more bold and defined.


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