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30 Ways To Make Money Without a Job This Break

Stuck going home over winter break broke and without a job? If there’s a will then there’s a way! Here’s 30 random ways to make money that you may not have considered. Ranging from doable to desperate, find out what you’d do for a little extra cash.

For the hard worker- it may not be glamorous but it’s something

1) Look for seasonal positions i.e. retail or valet

2) Shovel some driveways

3) Ask your previous job for a seasonal position or to do some housekeeping

4) Ask for paid chores around the house/ the neighbors


For the hoarder- do yourself a favor and make some quick cash

5.) Have a yard sale

6.) Make an eBay account

7.) Or a craigslist account

8.) Sell your clothes on apps or websites

9.) Or to seconds hand stores


For the imaginative – This takes time, effort and ideas but if you’re of the creative type it will become more fun than work

10) Start a blog with your friends, you can make money off the advertisements

11) Create a YouTube channel, you don’t get the money right away, but once you do your basically famous!

12.) Organize an event/performance/party and charge for the tickets


For those who love babies, and animals, but mostly baby animals

13.) Babysit

14.) Substitute at your hometown schools

15.) Pet sit

16.) Dog walk


For the Pinterest lover- it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle

17.) Make a craft to sell at your local craft fair

18.) Or sell it to the world on Esty

19.) Whip out one of those great recipes and participate in a local bake sale


For the intellectuals, you really have something going for yourself here, use it

20.) Apply for scholarships, it’s still making money, your future self will thank you

21.) Sell your used textbooks

22.) Answer questions on online on sites like Just Answer and Cha Cha

234.) Invest


For the lazy- making money with minimal effort

24.) Return your ugly clothes from your relatives after the holidays

25.) Take online surveys

26.) Write reviews

27.) Rent your things, like your car… if you’re going to be sitting on the couch all day anyway


For the open-minded…

28.) Wrap Christmas presents at the mall with your friends

29.) Become an Uber driver

30.) Collect cans?

And there ya have it! Thirty ways you may not have thought of to make some extra cash. Hey, the more obscure the better, except when it comes to your resume.  Have a great break and happy job hunting!

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